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Medium Eff. to HEPA/Face Mask PP Meltblown

With the advanced melt blown production line and meltblown technology, C&M produces TechMelt® PP meltblown for room air purifier, air ventilation system, automotive cabin air, facemask and respirator, vacuum cleaner and commercial building ventilation system. The efficiency ranges from 65% to 99.9995% (F6-U15), used for laminated pleatable composite filter media or standalone. For our face mask and respirator applications, our MB media can meet the world most stringent standards including EN149/143, NIOSH and JIS, etc.

  • Meltblown fiber diameter in Nano level

  • High efficiency, low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity

  • Stable electrostatic charge, very low charge decay

  • Odorless and free from VOC

  • No color change

Click here to see our medium efficience and HEPA melt blown grade spec

Click here to see our mask/respirator meltblown grade spec