C&M Filtration Solutions Limited is equipped with the well-developed technologies, state-of-the-art R&D equipment, advanced production facilities, seasoned R&D and manufacturing staff, lean manufacturing philosophy, and a people caring culture.

Our in-house manufacturing and R&D facilities include:

- 1.9m wide the state- of- the- art Reifenhäuser meltblown production line
- 1.9m wide ITW Dynatec lamination line
- 1.9m wide 4 layers ultrasonic lamination line with different welding patterns
- TSI8130A efficiency and pressure drop test stand
- Gurley stiffness test standard
- Temperature conditioning cabinet 
- Caliper/Thickness tester
- High precision electronic scales
- High power microscope
- Cigarette smoke filter media efficiency/pressure drop/DHC test stand
- Electrostatic charge analyser